The Court Secret (1642)

Shirley’s last play for the professional London theatre – production sadly derailed by the little matter of the Civil War, making it strictly reading-only until the Restoration. Experience something of the same frustration by reading along in Gifford!

#ShirleyMarathon – The Court Secret (1642)

Tweets from a reading of ‘The Court Secret’ at the Shakespeare Institute’s James Shirley Marathon, 02/07/2015

  1. Looking forward to Skyping in for my last (?) play in the #shirleymarathon, the much-delayed ‘The Court Secret’!
  2. “The Court Secret” – The closure of the London theatres on 2nd September 1642, was sudden and unexpected #shirleymarathon
  3. MWiggins _Drama and the Transfer of Power in Renaissance England_ tells the story of the closure of the theatres, re: #shirleymarathon
  4. #TheCourtSecret (and the history of the manuscript) has quite a bit to say about the closing of the theatres…. #shirleymarathon
  5. ‘Where is the King?’ ‘In his Bed chamber, Sir, With Duke Mendoza.’ ‘I’ll not intterrupt ’em.’ – is this the #CourtSecret? #shirleymarathon
  6. ‘Flame me no flame, unless you mean to turn our family/And name to ashes’ #shirleymarathon
  7. I’m pretty sure I know what #TheCourtSecret will be… There is a page called “Celio” and a lady gone missing. #shirleymarathon
  8. ‘The sea was my Exchequer; for I thriv’d,/I thank my watry Destinies’ Today MW is a badass pirate who can kill with fear. #shirleymarathon
  9. “I know the devil’s excellent at the hug” #shirleymarathon
  10. ‘I wo’not trust you for all this; I know/The Devill’s excellent at the hug’ #shirleymarathon
  11. ‘Maria,/Though sacred in her person, was to me/No more enflaming than a peece of Alabaster’ I dunno, alabaster can be hot #shirleymarathon
  12. “I will keep this hand Both a white pledge, and prisoner, till your eye Or welcome accent doe redeem it from me” #shirleymarathon
  13. I’m going to have to abdicate! Apologies to all my court and subjects #shirleymarathon
  14. “No hurt I hope?” – “The Prince’s feather discomposed, or so.” – the perils of swordfighting. #shirleymarathon
  15. “I should not much repent to carry, Madam, your kiss to Manuel, but I fear, I should forget who sent it.” #shirleymarathon
  16. “Why should we murmur to be circumscribed, as it were a new thing to wear fetters” – Denmark’s a prison, apparently #shirleymarathon
  17. “But persons of your quality shift not so much air without noise.” #shirleymarathon
  18. “I durst not mention Pedro at all, for fear the king had skill in cabala” #shirleymarathon
  19. “My offer, with your leave, to dedicate my life to prayer, and virgin thoughts…” Being a nun is cool right!? #maria #shirleymarathon
  20. “Oh sir, I am – I am — in love – now tis out!” “That all?” “All !” #shirleymarathon
  21. “‘Tis strange none should attend him but his Page.” I’m very fond of my page… #shirleymarathon
  22. If you have strength to hear a truth
    So sad, he has been wounded.
    Ex. Ladies. In a stampede of farthingales #shirleymarathon
  23. I’m not dead yet. This offstage shilly-shallying is so undignified. #shirleymarathon
  24. I can’t hear the word ‘orifice’ without thinking of Rowan Atkinson’s schoolmaster sketch. #shirleymarathon
  25. I thought I was keeping it all straight until we broke for a glass of wine…. #shirleymarathon #TheCourtSecret
  26. “he cannot, He sha’not live to cross me.” I really think I shall. #shirleymarathon
  27. “I was that pirate sir, that stole your son …. ” #shirleymarathon
  28. @notrockyhorror Sorry we lost you there, King Richard O. The #shirleymarathon had a good thing going with Skype for a bit there….


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